Overwhelmed by His Love

Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom to many”  Mt. 20:28

   The concept that Jesus gave his life as ransom for me has impacted my heart this Easter in a way it never has before even though over my 30+years of following Christ I have sat through and enjoyed so many fantastic Easter sermons, concerts and dramas. This year I understand it not with the crushing guilt and shame that I usually feel when I contemplate the depth of my sin and Jesus’ undeserved sacrifice for me.  This year I am keenly aware, overwhelmed by and, yes, even drowning in the out flowing of God’s love and hope that Easter represents.

   HE LOVES ME with all my flaws and failures, with all my weakness and lack of trust.  He loves me so much He died a horrible, ugly, unimaginably painful death in order to create a way for me to enter into complete fellowship with him, the Father and the Holy Spirit.  He wanted to be with me THAT much.  He really likes spending time with me THAT much and nothing I have done in the past or do now, or can do in the future will  change the way he feels about me.

  Even when I allow sin to creep in so that it gunks up the love receptors of my heart, his love continues to flow.  He does not grow weary as I dance with denial, or pull away when I harden my heart to dull the pain.  NO!  He is always there, wooing me, loving me, longing for me to reach out to Him in the midst of my junk.  His love is unfathomable, incomprehensible and brings me to my knees before the cross.

  I weep with tears of sorrow for my sin, for the time I have lost by allowing that sin to separate me from the life-giving flow of His love.  But I also weep tears of hope, knowing that I am a part of that beautiful fellowship of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and nothing, no one, nothing can separate me from that!